Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services for Deaf Students of All Ages

VASLA provides various vocational rehabilitation (VR) services for deaf, deafdisabled, deafblind, hard of hearing, and late-deafened students, all in American Sign Language (ASL).

We have served clients in all contexts and ages – from high school to PhD students. We also have provided tutoring in topics that range from English as a Second Language tutoring to algebra tutoring to specialized topics such as supporting deaf clients with Commercial Drivers License (CDL) tutoring – all in ASL.

The best part about our services is that it saves agencies money and time, as well as being more effective for your clients. Tutor costs and interpreting costs add up! American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters have a 2 hour minimum, with an average cost of $120. This means that your agency can save $120 per session! What’s more, VASLA provides services directly in the native language of deaf students, directly connecting deaf experts with deaf students. Research shows that deaf students with deaf role models have a positive impact on outcomes.

We provide these services in ASL through our virtual platform to serve our deaf clients, all on demand:

  • Educational tutoring for all grades and topics
  • Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) that includes
  • Test preparation courses, e.g., ACT exam preparation
  • Job Coaching and Job Exploration Counseling
  • Workplace Training for Readiness, e.g., interview practice and preparation; resume development
  • Advocacy Training and Instruction, including Self-Advocacy
  • Counseling on Postsecondary Education Opportunities
  • Mentoring

If you need a service that is not listed, please email us at Hello@VASLA.org and request this service.

Tutoring Subject Areas

We currently provide tutoring in these areas: 

  • ACT tutoring
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Biology
  • Business & Accounting
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science and Programming
  • Criminal Justice
  • CBEST tutoring
  • Driver’s License tutoring
  • Economics
  • English, Reading, Writing
  • GED tutoring
  • Geography
  • History and Social Studies
  • Licensed Professional Nurse (LPN) Exams
  • Linguistics
  • Math
  • Medicine
  • Physics
  • Politics and Public Policy
  • Pre-ETS & Transition Support
  • Psychology
  • Research
  • Theater

And much more, on request!

Some Examples of Courses We Provide:

  • ACT/SAT Exam Prep
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Driver’s Permit/License courses

Current VR Clients:

  • California

  • Washington State

  • Vermont


Are you a VR counselor? Have more questions?

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